– plant flowers, fruit, vegetables, or herbs.
– identify the types of trees in your yard or parkway and label with
a sign. Hold up your sign for the picture.
– identify trees in public areas and use chalk and arrows on the
sidewalk to indicate the type.

Meislahn – Edible herbicide-free, pesticide-free dandelion from own back yard

Meislahn – Removing lesser celandine from an area with no other plants by smothering with cardboard, anchored with bricks and covered with mulch

Meislahn – “grandpa’s weeder”

Meislahn – The lever and pincher action of “grandpa’s weeder” works well for removing individual weeds, including lesser celandine (but not the more deeply rooted dandelion), in a wet yard. For larger clumps of lesser celandine, I loosen with a pitchfork and pull them up by hand. For even larger clumps, I smother with cardboard anchored with bricks.

Gantz – Heading out for another adventure

Witty – Mulching Mower Prototype – The mower is much more energy-efficient (like 5x to 10x better) than any other mulching mower, plus it’s better for the grass because it slicers the grass blades like a scissors (or old fashioned reel mower) rather than chopping them with a high speed swinging blade.

Gantz – Trees at the Skokie Lagoons in Winnetka by Tower Rd

Gantz – Enjoying the great outdoors and sunshine

Sundell – Birch tree

Sundell – Cherry tree